Meet the Founder

Mary Tan
Chief Storyteller

Mary loves storytelling. Fictional and fun or just the plain truth, she loves breaking out of the mold of traditional communications. She operates under the belief that boring is never acceptable.

Background in storytelling and communications

  • Former broadcast news reporter and anchor all over the United States including New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Minneapolis. Appearances on CNN, Fox News and NBC News.

Strategic communications expert

  • Former government communications leader who oversaw marketing and communications in one of Minnesota’s most diverse communities, with a strong emphasis on crisis planning and communicating to communities of color.

Animal welfare professional

  • Public relations manager of the third largest animal shelter in the United States, spread the stories of the human-animal bond to save homeless animal lives.

The company is based on all of Mary’s experiences. She believes nothing can help homeless animals more than monetary assistance. That’s why it’s in Whisker Media’s business model to share its financial success with homeless animal organizations.

The Wisconsin native also writes a cat blog called Whisker Fabulous to defy stereotypes of felines and uses her talents to assist several area Minnesota rescue groups to raise their profiles in the community.