Mary Tan

MaryMary loves storytelling. Fictional and fun or just the plain truth, she loves turning information into stories and videos to help businesses and organizations thrive.

Her background in storytelling and communications started when she worked in the television news industry for more than 13 years. She was a broadcast journalist all over the country, including New York City, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Minneapolis.

Her career continues in the realm of government communications, where she learned what it was like to be “on the other side.” It’s her job to strategize communications and implement everything from media relations and social media to the creation of marketing plans. Whether handling public outcry to sensitive public policy or appeasing the communications needs of political stakeholders, Mary knows how to make it work.

Mary is currently a producer and reporter for the national television show, Life to the Max, a show that features folks living amazing lives. She is a graduate of both the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where she pursued degrees in music, political science and journalism.

When not working, Mary is obsessed with watching and creating animal videos and is a passionate animal advocate who wants to help reduce pet overpopulation. It is her hope Whisker Media’s business model will share its financial success with homeless animal organizations