Mary-and-PetsMary Tan began Whisker Media began in 2013 as a creative outlet to serve her personal passion for telling stories. Often late at night, she would sit up watching YouTube animal videos and then make up short stories in her head about the pets she just watched before she would fall asleep. In late 2012 a light bulb went off and she decided she wanted to make a living telling stories.

Whisker Media began as a video production company focused on businesses and non-profits which want great, emotional storytelling. But as clients hired us, we realized many didn’t know what key points they wanted to stress in their videos. We recently expanded our services into public relations, marketing and branding to help make their video messaging even stronger.

Whisker Media hires some of the finest digital media experts, marketing and branding specialists, producers, writers, video editors and photographers from all over the greater Twin Cities Minnesota metro area to get our projects done. If you need a specialist we have the right people.

Given our name, Whisker Media, obviously has a soft spot for animals. Our brand ambassadors are Mary’s dog and cat, Josie and Elton Scoobie. Both were adopted from animal shelters and it is in our business plan to donate a portion of our profits to organizations that serve the homeless pet population.